Ground Rules

No dogs allowed on the rodeo grounds.

No profanity, smoking, or alcohol anywhere around the rodeo arena.

Do not leave any trash on the rodeo grounds: we are all guests of the venue so please take your trash with you or find an appropriate receptacle to dispose of it.

All guests must be in the same vehicle as the contestant they are accompanying to be given a wristband.  One guest per contestant is allowed in for free, all others must pay the regular ticket price for entry.

Please go to the SKRP souvenir table after the performance to sign autographs for your fans.

Entry fees for the bull riding, saddle bronc riding, bareback bronc riding, and girl’s barrel racing is $50.00; $40.00 goes to the pot, $10.00 to the finals fund.  Team roping entry fee is $50.00 per man; $45.00 goes to the pot, $5.00 to the finals fund.  Novice bull riding & ranch bronc riding  fees are $30.00; $20.00 goes to the pot, $10.00 to the finals fund.

All entry fees must be paid and all paperwork must be completed 1 hour before the show.  If entry fees are not paid on time, alternates will be taken.

If you do not make it to the performance and you do not call to notify us, you may be charged a $50.00 fine or we may opt to not take your entry again.

Western attire (including cowboy hat or helmet) is required anywhere in or around the rodeo arena; 1 hour before, during, and 1 hour after the show and during any open arena time. 

DO NOT change clothes behind the chutes or anywhere near the rodeo arena; please find an area not visible to spectators.

Friends and family members of contestants are not allowed behind the chutes. 

Girl’s barrel racing must compete in a minimum of 5 SKRP performances in the current tour to qualify for a chance to compete in the championship finals.

Do not work the barrel pattern during open arena time.

If a center gate entrance is set up for the barrel racing, contestants must run in; the out gate will be closed unless otherwise posted.

If you break the barrel racing pattern during your run, you must immediately leave the arena – do not continue your run.

If time permits, barrel racing exhibition runs may be allowed after the end of the performance (if there is no slack) or at the end of slack. 

Contestants must inquire with the rodeo secretary 1 hour before the show – DO NOT ask during the performance.

In the girl’s barrel racing, if you lose your hat in the arena, there will be a $5.00 to get it back.  All fines will be added to the finals fund.

Two loops are allowed in the team roping

One loop and open gate in the girl's break-away roping.  String will be provided by Super Kicker Rodeo Production.

All timed event contestants must ride in the grand entry.

TIMED EVENT CONTESTANTS: you must be able to provide a negative Coggins report at any time (if requested).